About us

Boon Teck Seafood Comp Pte. Ltd.

is a reputable Singaporean homegrown seafood import specialist with over 30 years of operations and experience.

Our goal is to ensure the freshest yet most affordable PREMIUM LIVE seafood to your doorsteps. We strives to bring positive change to our food system.

Our offerings change each week as we work with thoughtful and responsible producers to bring you super seasonal local specialties. We source our seafood globally and get it

  • Source

    Responsibly-sourced seafood is the key to the modern, safe and profitable seafood industry.

  • Sustainability

    The seafood industry has a concern over climate impact, and takes responsibility in any case.

  • Experts

    Our experts work hard to maintain the quality seafood for our dear customers exclusively.

  • F&B & Wholesalers

    Your business becomes benefitial by providing the customers with the best.


  • To collaborate effectively with the seafood community.
  • To demonstrate service excellence through speedy, efficient & accurate delivery of services.
  • Provide quality & stable seafood supplies to our F&B partners & wholesalers.
  • To develop innovative solutions to improve internal & external processes for a seamless customer experience.


To be the leading seafood specialist & supplier in Singapore.  

Value Statement

  • Customers as our core
  • Creating and catching new trends
  • Prioritize quality assurance & control
  • Continuous improvement in internal processes

We are a one-stop seafood solution for Food and Beverages Partners and Wholesalers, delivering top quality seafood at competitive pricing. Everything from picking, importing, collecting, processing, packing & delivering, we are there every step of the way to ensure fresh, quality seafood reaches our clients safely and on time.